Pre Shipment Inspection Service in India
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Pre Shipment Inspection Service in India

Pre Shipment Inspection Service in India:

The Pre Shipment Inspection or Final Inspection is the last chance to stay on top of things. If the goods are not acceptable, you can, with our help, cease the shipping process and confront your vendor directly without getting any surprises when you have received the goods. Additionally, this is the last inspection to ensure that all the following parameters are tested and conformance to the standards for the products is met.

We check and ensure that the following parameters are checked and re-checked (some parameters already checked in In- Line and Mid Line Inspections):

  • Sample Adherence
  • Production Lot Quantity & Build Quality
  • Product Functionality & Safety Checks
  • Size, Shape, Weight and Product Dimensions
  • Visual and Product Aesthetics
  • Packing and/or Assembly
  • Product and Carton Branding, Marking, Labelling & Product Packaging Quality
  • Compliance with International Certification Standards
  • Documentation - Test Reports, Shipping, GSP, Invoice and Packing List etc
  • Custom Client Checkpoints

What We Do

Quality Control

We understand the importance of identifying potential problems as early as possible in the production process.
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Social Compliance Audit

Every supplier needs to subscribe to a minimal code of conduct that dictates how employees are treated in regard to wages, work hours and work conditions.
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Factory Audit

The best way to ensure a quality product meeting timelines along with a better price is to evaluate appropriately the supplier’s factory.
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Sourcing of Hard Goods

A2Z Buying Services is a Buying and Sourcing Agents in India offering Our wide range of furniture is made up of wood, metal, glass and other raw materials. Our products include Screens, Almirahs, Cabinets, Beds, Armoire, Chairs ,Tables, Sofas, Mirrors and other accessories to name a few.
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Sourcing of Soft Goods

A2Z Buying Services is a Buying and Sourcing Agents in India offering Home Textiles, Exotic Bed Linen, aesthetic Cushion Covers, Table Linen, Kitchen Linen, Colorful Runners, Floor Coverings to name a few all tastefully crafted to perfection!
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