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A2Z Buying Services

Welcome to A2Z Buying Services

A2Z Buying Services as name suggests is a One Stop Solution for all the Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Sourcing requirements. We have been certified by UKAS as ISO 9001:2015 organisation. Our experienced Team along with ISO 9001:2015 systems and processes bring the highest customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in building Long Term Business Relationship.
  • We know that our customers want to partner with an established, honest and reliable organization. A2Z Buying Services has been providing Quality Assurance, Sourcing, Engineering and consulting services since 2005.
  • We know that Time is Money. Customers need timely, informative feedback. A2Z Buying Services delivers reports within 24 hours.
  • We know that customers require assistance at various locations and require a partner that serves them worldwide over the long-term. A2Z Buying Services offers services in over 16 countries.
  • We know that customers value convenience. A2Z Buying Services provides online scheduling and report delivery so customers can view reports and schedule services anytime, from anywhere.
  • We know that our customers have tight budget requirements. A2Z Buying Services does not make you compromise service quality for cost; we offer the highest level of service at competitive rates.
  • We know that customers require skilled and knowledgeable staff. At A2Z Buying Services we define ourselves by our team of experienced professionals strategically positioned around the globe. A2Z Buying Services personnel offer in-depth experience in relevant industries. Our team is fluent in English and local languages and dialects to facilitate communications.
  • We know customers demand more than basic services from their partners. We can assist with travel itineraries and airport transportation, provide translators for factory visits and negotiate impasses with vendors on your behalf. A2Z Buying Services goes above and beyond quality assurance services to assist you in whatever way we can.

The strengths of A2Z Buying Services are as follows:

1. Our Philosophy of “CARE”

A2Z Buying Services

2. One Professional Relationship

A2Z Buying Services
Streamlined India, China and Bangladesh sourcing. Access to multiple factories, with only one A2Z Buying Services relationship which ensures that all purchase orders are coordinated professionally We can locate a custom manufacturer that will work with a variety of order quantities.

3. Experienced Staff

A2Z Buying Services
Leverage on our Experienced Staff with over more than 25 years experience in Sourcing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Our strength is our people who bring wealth of experience and loyalty to the table.

4. Increased Profitability

A2Z Buying Services
Our Well Experienced Team, Automated Processes along with our unflinching commitment to quality result in increased profitability for the Customer along with the repeat Business.
All above with right price along with right quality leads to increase profit Margins for the customers.

5. Automated System and Processes

We have built QTS(Quality Tracking Software System) and Six Sigma Business Processes Our customers also get a access to our software system to access real time reports of various inspections conducted during the course of order execution.

A2Z Buying Services

Quality Tracking System (QTS) is a completely integrated, flexible and powerful application of information management tools for preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers. QTS reputation for providing high quality, easy to use, affordable software has made us the customer and vendor of choice for today's progressive quality checking professionals in India. Our trusted & proven solutions can be used 24x7 by hundreds of agencies throughout India, integrating the creation of purchase order. A2Z buying services provide complete end-to-end solution along with Software and compatible hardware components. Complete information of po, along with customer and vendor information, could be traced instantly through QTS. It’s an easy to use multi-user, network ready system that automates all of the common record keeping functions of a progressive quality assurance agency.

What We Do

Quality Control

We understand the importance of identifying potential problems as early as possible in the production process.
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Social Compliance Audit

Every supplier needs to subscribe to a minimal code of conduct that dictates how employees are treated in regard to wages, work hours and work conditions.
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Factory Audit

The best way to ensure a quality product meeting timelines along with a better price is to evaluate appropriately the supplier’s factory.
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We have expertise for Quality Control Services, Inspection and Quality Control, Sourcing, Sourcing Agents, Production Monitoring, Sampling Plans, Buying Agents, Buying Agency, Sampling, Quality Checks, Inspections, Audit and Shipment Co-Ordination.
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Sourcing of Hard Goods

A2Z Buying Services is a Buying and Sourcing Agents in India offering Our wide range of furniture is made up of wood, metal, glass and other raw materials. Our products include Screens, Almirahs, Cabinets, Beds, Armoire, Chairs ,Tables, Sofas, Mirrors and other accessories to name a few.
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Sourcing of Soft Goods

A2Z Buying Services is a Buying and Sourcing Agents in India offering Home Textiles, Exotic Bed Linen, aesthetic Cushion Covers, Table Linen, Kitchen Linen, Colorful Runners , Floor Coverings to name a few all tastefully crafted to perfection!
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We are the One Stop Solutions for Quality Control & Sourcing!!

Our Accreditations

         ISO 9001:2015    A2Z Buying Services - SEPC    A2Z Buying Services - FIEO    A2Z Buying Services - JAS-ANZ    A2Z Buying Services - EPCH    A2Z Buying Services - MSME