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During Production Inspection (Midline Inspections)

To help our suppliers maintain quality at every stage of the production process, our expert inspectors assess the quality of components, materials and products during manufacturing. We will identify if there are any deviations, and offer advice on corrective measures and re-check any defects during Pre-Production Inspection to confirm they have been rectified.
This is conducted when between 20% and 80% of goods have been produced, and performed on-site, our DUPRO inspection service assesses samples against regulations, standards and your contractual agreements, highlighting actual or potential defects so that they can be addressed them immediately rather than deal with costly tests and changes to your products later in the production process. This also helps in ensuring that during inspection of randomly selected units from all completed batches of your production we will notify you of deviations from original specifications if any, and if your production is still on schedule.
What is checked during this stage:
An inspection during production can help in identifying the following issues:
1. Non-conformity to Buyer’s Requirements:
All the relevant aspects of the product (quantity, components, assembly, aesthetics, function, size, labelling, packaging etc) are controlled, based on the buyer’s specification
2. Delays:
This inspection will show case any delays that may be happening. The inspections held during this stage will strengthen the on schedule adherence of the goods and also to take corrective/preventive action for any slippages that may be happening.
3.Technical Issues/Limitations/Rectifications:
Mostly in the handicraft industry the buyer sees a sample and places order based on sample approvals. In handicraft industry sometimes making few pieces by hand during sample stage and making few hundred pieces in production is different and controlling quality on approved sample during production is much more challenging.
Frequent During Production Inspections (Midline Inspections) will help un earth any technical issues/limitations/ design flaws etc. and is one of the most important aspect to ascertain especially for the Handicraft Products.
4. Functionality Tests:
These inspections ensure that the functionality of the product is as per the desired specifications of the customers. For example: a full function check, to make sure that a Floor Lamp actually works is an important indication of the functionality of the product.
The Results of these inspections is that it improves production processes and quality.


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